GOH BookAuthor: J. Davis Illingworth, Jr.


God of Hope uses a broad range of scripture to challenge and develop your understanding of hope and why we desperately need it.

Today’s world is a divisive and hurting one…  in desperate need of hope. So I was eager to answer God’s call to write a hopeful book for hurting people. However, I felt ill-equipped to do so. As I wrestled with the challenge, God reminded me of Bible verses that shaped my life and my understanding of hope, and I felt Him prompt me to write in three unique perspectives:

Perspective 1: My Story

I (Dave Illingworth) learned a lot about hope through a successful business career that came before my family, made me angry with God, and often left me wondering why bad things happened to me.


Perspective 2: God’s Story

God has a magnificent plan that is beyond our comprehension. Even though He is not bound by our earthly limitations, He allows us to join in anyway.

Perspective 3: Your Story


I don’t know your personal struggles, but I do know what it’s like to be human. We all hurt and we all go through incomprehensibly hard times.

This section was the most difficult to write and it is the most challenging to read, because it requires reflection. It asks hard questions that don’t always have a clear answer. I recommend reading through this section with people that you trust and challenging yourselves to be honest about your struggles with life and God. Your faith will improve because of it.


God of Hope incorporates the stories of Thomas, Moses, Paul, and John into these three unique perspectives to inspire readers and deepen their understanding of hope. It invites readers to consider their own stories and reflect on how they fit into God’s plan for humanity.

The goal of our book is to encourage Christians to have greater courage and trust in God, while also leading non-believers to faith by introducing them to the hope God gives His followers. It is an inspiring resource for anyone seeking hope for themselves or for the people they love.


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