We all face choices in life. Some things are easy, while others are hard. Many of the situations we find ourselves in come directly from our choices and sometimes, it’s difficult to take the responsibility. For example, we may choose to eat foods that are unhealthy, yet complain that we need to loose weight.

I am often guilty of trying to deflect my own responsibility by playing the “blame game.”

If you were to evaluate yourself objectively, you could see the road map of your choices and how they brought you to where you are. The great thing is, if you look at your future, much of it is not yet mapped out. You get to choose what you will do. You get to choose what you will eat, who you will spend time with, and how you will react to challenging circumstances as they arise.

I believe that having a relationship with Jesus is the only way to true life in Heaven. I saw who I was without Jesus and what that meant for my life. I also saw that I had another choice. I chose to accept Jesus and enter into a relationship with Him. That choice was the most important one I ever made.

Everyday I have choices to make. The most important one I have now is choosing to share Jesus with others. Will I choose to love others and live a life that shows Jesus’ love?

I once heard Andy Stanley say, “Don’t make choices that you don’t want part of your story. Make choices that you would want to tell your children about.”

What choices will be part of your story?

Keith Sampson
Executive Coordinator – God of Hope