Our Goal

We want to raise up “Persons of Peace” in all parts of the world. It’s easy to see pain and suffering and run in the opposite direction—but that’s not what God called us to do. We want to equip people like you to run toward brokenness and spread the true peace of Jesus. If you change even one life, we consider our mission fulfilled.


What is God of Hope?

We aspire to change lives in three main ways:

1) Empowering followers of Jesus to share their story with others and build strong relationships with people from all walks of life.

2) Equipping followers of Jesus to spread peace and hope however they can—even if it’s hard.

3) Eliminating barriers between followers of Jesus and those who don’t know Him, emphasizing genuine love rather than judgment.


Big Questions

How much of our time, money, and energy are we willing to pour out so that even one life be saved for eternity? Is there a limit on how much one life is worth?  

At God of Hope, we believe there is no limit. The most important thing a Christian can do is to help lead someone to the peace of Jesus. That’s why we’re dedicated to spreading God’s peace to people who don’t know Him and empowering other Christians to do the same.


Getting Started

You have the power to change lives. We want to give you the tools to do it. When you think of people who don’t know Jesus—people who don’t have peace—who comes to your mind? Is it a family member? A neighbor? A co-worker? Whoever it is, we want to help you reach them. You can share any of our resources: God of Hope the book, encouraging Notes from the Apostles, Dave Illingworth’s blog about lessons he learned at Lexus, Daily Stop & Thinks, and our blog.

If you are new to God of Hope, start by reading the book and following us on Facebook!


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