As a parent of young kids, I do my best to raise them with an understanding of Jesus and to teach them to make good decisions. But I find myself asking, how do you really do that with a three year old?

While I was pondering this thought, I started thinking about all the things I would never want to see happen to my children. I asked myself, how do I keep them from making choices that might bring them into these very situations? I believe the answer comes through internal hope.

One thing I have realized through parenting, is that children have to know they are valuable. They have to see value in themselves when they look in the mirror. They need to have value in who they are as a child of God. And, just like most other parents, I want my children to have value in who they are as my kids.

I think that this is where internal hope originates—when people feel valuable.

Hope from God is felt when we realize the value that he has placed on our lives. He values us so much that he gave us a way to spend eternity after death in heaven with him. He values us so much that he sacrificed his own son to bear the weight of our sins in death. All we have to do is understand that sacrifice, and embrace the value our lives have in the eyes of God.

This brings me back to my kids and that burning question: How do I create a sense of value in my three year old? In the same way I would help anyone else.

I pray for them. I am honest and encouraging to them. I have conversations and build a trusting relationship with them. I share Jesus with them. And I do all these things at the appropriate level.

What if I don’t help my kids see their value? How can we, as Christians live to show others the value in themselves?

Keith Sampson
Executive Coordinator – God of Hope