Imagine a stranger from a far away land coming to America this December. Imagine their curiosity as they observe the excitement in the air, decorated trees brightly lit, and people rushing around to buy presents for one another. What would they think of the special music playing and the talk of peace on earth and love, amidst the special church services being observed across the country. Upon seeing all this, a stranger might ask, “What’s all the fuss about?”

The answer would be—Christmas!

We are celebrating a very special event that happened in the little town of Bethlehem over 2000 years ago. The creator God of the universe intervened in history and sent his son, Jesus, to visit us on earth. He came as a baby to grow up and live with us, so that we might have a visible image of God. And through God’s son, Jesus, we are taught how to love God, live together and, love one another.

Indeed, something very special happened. God came into our world and all of heaven rejoiced proclaiming, “Glory to God in the highest and on earth, peace and good will to men” Luke 2:14 (KJV).