Can you imagine missing Christmas? With a commercial reminder of this most popular holiday every few minutes, how could anyone possibly miss Christmas? Maybe if you were on a desert island without ads or electronic devices, missing the festivities could be possible. But the lights, bells, decorated trees, music—everywhere we look, we see signs of this splendid celebration.

But there are people who miss it. At least, they miss its real meaning and purpose. There are children who think only of the gifts Santa will bring them, their wishes often far exceeding their needs (or their parents’ resources). And there are adults too, who are focused on making an impression with their gifts, parties, and house decorations. Forgotten, and in many homes and hearts, totally missed is the reality that Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus.

Emmanuel, “God with us.” God himself in human flesh, born as a baby, growing up like all other human beings. But unlike the rest of us, this baby was both man and God—a miracle beyond our comprehension.

Even at his birth and during his life, Christmas was missed. Most people refused to believe that Jesus was the deliverer and savior promised by God. Some believed in Jesus as a result of his miracles and teaching, fulfilling the promise of his coming. But most rejected him, missing the life he had come to give.

Many of us today are absorbed by all the trimmings of the holiday and still miss Christmas. This year, take time to read the biblical accounts of his birth in Matthew chapter two and Luke chapter two. Then read Philippians chapter two, which explains the reason for his coming and its everlasting affect.

If you’ve missed Christmas up until now, don’t wait any longer to bow before this babe in the manger and acknowledge his gift of eternal life. Only when you put your faith in his word, and your trust in the life and death of Jesus for your eternal benefit, will you discover the real Christmas. And you’ll never have to miss Christmas again!

Jesse Deloe