The Bible says, “Blessed are the peacemakers.” Peace seems to be difficult to obtain and even more burdensome to maintain. Not only does our world seem to be constantly war-torn with civil and international battles, but personal peace may be even more difficult to come by.

To begin, we must understand that peace is not simply the cessation of hostilities. You may not be fighting with someone, yet you can still lack peace both personally and with others, even due to little interaction.

Genuine peace is reflected in the Hebrew word “shalom.” It conveys a sense of wholeness and harmony. With that in mind, let’s make the question personal: What can I as an individual do to make or keep the peace, to create harmony and wholeness?

As you reflect on this question, here are some suggestions:

Deny yourself. A selfish person can neither be a peacemaker nor peaceful himself. The first direction of our peacemaking must be inward. Before one can become a peacemaker, he really must be free of self-interest.

Be quiet. We must learn not to speak. Instead, be quick to hear, and slow to speak—as the Bible suggests. That’s extremely difficult for many of us. Peace is too often disrupted by the casual, and sometimes cutting remarks, we make because we have been too quick to say the first thing that comes to mind.

Be positive. Go out of your way to look for means and methods of making peace. Say something encouraging and affirming. Endeavor to radiate peace wherever you go.

Be impervious to hurt. Be slow to resent slights or injuries. Remember that the well-adjusted person has peace and is not easily offended.

Be slow to listen to rumors. Don’t allow yourself to become the repository for the criticism of others. And certainly, don’t pass rumors on!

Refrain from sowing doubt and suspicion. Be supportive of others. Think favorably and encourage them with positive thoughts rather than negative.

All true peacemakers think things through. It doesn’t take much to destroy, but it does take constant reflection to keep peace.

Jesse Deloe – Stop and Thinks