We all have skills and talents; both natural abilities and learned ones. Some of us might be good at the same thing, but at different levels. Within a group of people that are good at the same thing, each may have other areas they are skilled in that others in the same group are not. These skills are pieces that make each of us uniquely different.

Each of us have strengths and weaknesses. In the story that Jesus told about the wealthy traveling man entrusting his wealth to three different people, two of them used their individual skills to double the wealth. The third didn’t recognize the skills he had and instead buried the wealth.

I think Jesus specifically didn’t tell us how the two doubled the wealth for a reason. No one is excluded from using the skills they were given or have developed. We need to embrace the power He has given us. Each of us can use what we are good at, both natural and learned, to be a life changer.

God of Hope encourages you to find resources that compliment your specific skill sets. We provide those through a book, God of Hope, videos, and other recommended books along with website links.

Often what stops you, is you. But nothing should stop you from using your individual skills and embracing the power that has been entrusted to you to do something.

I am not saying having confidence in yourself and using your skills to the best of your ability is is an easy thing, but I am encouraging you to take a step.

Embrace the power.


Keith Sampson – Executive Coordinator