Busy Life

In my last blog, I introduced Nancy Burphy. When I listened to her speak that Sunday, she discussed several “philosophies” that really got me thinking.

The first philosophy was about sin. In the end, there is something good about sin,

I never really thought about it, but Nancy is exactly right. Without sin, we wouldn’t have the need for Jesus. Sin creates the separation from God that can only be bridged by Jesus.  Without the destruction and pain that sin brings, we wouldn’t have the other side of that spectrum. We wouldn’t be able to have the hope, peace, love, and pure joy that Jesus can bring into our lives, filling the void that sin creates.

Sin is also the first step to being humble. Humility means admitting that we are not perfect—I know I’m not. When I do mess up (often), understanding where those actions come from and what I did is humbling. Because of sin, I understand that I can’t do it on my own. I am incapable of doing it without Jesus.

Sin also keeps us from judging others, or at least it should. None of us are in the position to judge others and treat people without love because we all have sin in our lives. Jesus displayed this when he wrote in the sand after the “religious” leaders and others wanted to stone a woman who had committed adultery. He broke down cultural and religious barriers and through that sin, opened the door to show forgiveness and love. Forgiveness through love would not be a personally rewarding and growing experience if it wasn’t for sin.

Throughout my day, I try to do what is right but I know that Jesus’ love and forgiveness is bigger then the sins I might commit. I am challenged to have that same love pass through me to others—to find the good.

Stay tuned for the discussion of Nancy’s other philosophy next week. Thank you for the challenging words and thoughts Nancy!


Keith Sampson

Executive Coordinator – God of Hope