I recently started do a pretty vigorous workout program—Crossfit. In the past I hadn’t committed to regular exercise—or when I would, I would find reasons not to stay consistent. Maybe you can relate. It’s really odd when you think about it. Exercising is really good for us.  We feel better, sleep better, often times, think better, relieve stress along with many other positive benefits.  So why don’t we see gyms packed and sidewalks filled with people walking and running? It’s simple; because there are enemies that we face that keep us from doing it.  Some people might face the same enemy, or different ones, both internal and external. Here are a few:


  • Fear
  • Embarrassment
  • Self doubt
  • Time
  • Other people demanding of us
  • Motivation


Sharing Jesus with others is very similar.  We face many enemies that will keep us from doing that too. The difference is that at the root of all the “enemies” that would keep us from sharing stories of Jesus is a powerful evil that wants to remain unnoticed and un-fought. He is on mission to devour anyone who stands against him. But we know that there is no enemy to strong to defeat faith in Jesus. As Christians we have the Holy Spirit—the most powerful force in the universe, inside of us. By his power we can overcome anything.


However, committing is often a lot easier than actually acting.  Regularly working out has required me to identify the enemies that prevent me from going and pushing myself to the max while working out.


In the same light, I hope to encourage you to commit to sharing Jesus, like joining the Hope Circle, though doing it can be more difficult. Naming your enemy and committing to fight it will make al the difference.



Keith Sampson

Executive Coordinator – God of Hope