By: Lyndal Shadel, Potato Valley, PA.


My walks with the dogs evolved from physical exercise to a spiritual exercise when I started a Bible study by Henry T. Blackaby called Experiencing God. I recorded some thoughts during November of 2004. As I walked, I changed from seeing and thinking about of all the man-made things, such as our house and barn and all the chaos associated with the world, to seeing and thinking about the blue sky, the fields, the forest, the sounds of leaves crunching at my feet, and the warmth of the sun on my face. I felt a closeness with God—and He provided me the following insights.


It was fall, and the leaves were coming off the trees. The reason for this change is to allow the trees to rest through the winter to be reborn in the spring stronger and better. I need to change, be reborn, weather the storms for better times ahead—the word is HOPE!


When the farm came back into sight, it was hard not to be distracted and forget the purpose of my walk—to hear what God had to say to me. I needed to quiet my mind, be alone, and walk with God.


John 8:47 “ Who ever belongs to God hears what God says.”