By: Keith Sampson


Faith…faith can be such a hard idea to grasp, to explain. People put their faith in different things every day, consciously and subconsciously. Getting through hard and painful moments requires faith in something bigger than ourselves. As much as you can try to carry the weight and do it on your own, you can’t live “in the moment” during crisis.


Cross at sunset


Some focus on the light at the end of the tunnel. Others put their faith in friends to help them through. On the surface, nothing is wrong with either of these. But from my own experience, both are imperfect and can let us down, even if it’s unintentional.


Through my experiences in 2011 and 2012, I not only learned to put my faith in the truth that “God is bigger, and He has a plan,” but had to practice it daily. It was hard to put my faith in that truth many days.


I have always believed that I could somehow use my experiences to encourage others who may go through similar circumstances. From losing my father to going through divorce and becoming a single dad, what I didn’t expect was how quickly God would provide opportunities for me to listen to others facing the same things. I’ve gotten to pray for them, listen, and hopefully help encourage them.


Part of the hope we have in Jesus is that He can use even the worst circumstances to bring hope and light into the lives of others. Many times it is natural to look at the circumstance and ask, “Why me?” It’s harder to ask, “Why not me?” It’s about faith…faith in doing more for the Kingdom of God and being there for someone down the road.


Putting my faith completely outside of myself was the first big lesson and change in my life.