Recently I watched the movie Everest. It was absolutely incredible, yet hard to watch at times. Without spoiling an incredible movie made from a true story, I want to share a particular scene that I found very thought-provoking and inspiring.

At one point, a climber and writer for an outdoor magazine asks the climbers why they do it. Why risk and give so much to climb Everest?

That question and the climbers’ answers opened up a dialog of thought…

Why do we do the hard things? Why do we face the “impossible” and take it on? Why do some people not try to tackle the difficult things?

It was the climbers’ answers that got me. They bounced around a few reasons until one climber, Doug, answered the question. I’m going to summarize his response.

“Because it’s there. Because I can.”

Wow. There is even more behind that answer…Doug had tried and failed the previous year to reach the summit of Everest. The mountain didn’t move; it was still there. So was his deep belief in himself that he was capable of climbing Everest.

This challenged me.

I often face “Everests” in life. They are there, not moving, not going away. I choose to climb or not climb. I choose to believe in my ability to climb. Those are my choices.

The challenge of the Hope Circle can often be seen as an Everest to people. I know it can be to me at times. But I have to decide to do it. Sharing Jesus with others is hard. We put ourselves out there. There is risk of what people will think about us, rejection. There is also the fear of failure. But just like the climbers of Mount Everest, we are fully equipped. We have to believe in ourselves as well.

Why do I believe so strongly in providing hope to others? Why do I do what I do? Because it is there. Because I can.