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#109 – The End

by | May 25, 2017



In January of 1993, Yuki Togo, President of Toyota Motor Sales, USA, and Senior Vice President Bob McCurry both retired. My time at Lexus was coming to an end. I was transferred over to run the Toyota Division. While a promotion, it was emotional and difficult to leave.


There are some today who say I am considered the father of Lexus and credit me with its success. This is flattering, but not true.


There’s an old story of a group of birds that gathered to have a contest to see which one could fly the highest. Birds of prey like hawks, shrikes and harriers competed. Birds of game such as quail, snipes and bobwhites as well as birds of the sea like pelicans, loons, and albatrosses all competed. When a Jenny wren, a small common bird with an effervescent little chirp, wanted to compete, the others laughed. All the birds showed off their flying prowess going higher and higher.


But then a huge eagle appeared with strong, muscular legs and powerful talons. He thrilled all the other birds as he soared over 10,000 feet high. But to the surprise of the other birds, when the eagle reached his maximum height, the little Jenny wren suddenly appeared and popped off the back of the eagle. The Jenny wren flew a few feet higher and won the contest.


The truth is, I was a Jenny wren flying on the backs of eagles.
My journey with Lexus taught me many valuable lessons in leadership, trust, and faith in the Lord. Have you ever felt uncertain about the plan God has for you? Read the God of Hope book to learn more about His unending love for His people.


I hope you have enjoyed reading “God, Guts, and Aspirin: The Start of Lexus” and have learned a thing or two as well.


“I will tell of the Lord’s unfailing love. I will praise the Lord for all he has done.” Isaiah 63:7 (NLT)