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In that Quiet Place

We all know that life is busy. Priorities shift, and we often don’t make room for the most important things.   This has definitely been the case with me. In fact, this is the first blog post I have written since April. I have made more time for work, working out,...

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The Best of Intentions

Sometimes we can get so excited about sharing or doing what we think we are supposed to do that we forget how those around us are affected. Hope is an easy thing to want to bring into the lives of others or even ourselves. We can jump in with both feet and run toward...

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Trusting Can Hurt

Trust is supposed to be one of those “happy feelings” or good vibes. It’s a term that gets thrown around easily. I know I am guilty of the, “just trust me…” approach.   What do you mean trusting can hurt?   There are many stories and quotes about pain making...

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High Jump

“Throw your heart over the bar.”   A young athlete was having trouble jumping over a high bar. The track coach put his arm around the boy’s shoulder and said, “Son, you can do it, and this is how. Throw your heart over the bar, and your body will follow.”  ...

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Because I Can

Recently I watched the movie Everest. It was absolutely incredible, yet hard to watch at times. Without spoiling an incredible movie made from a true story, I want to share a particular scene that I found very thought-provoking and inspiring. At one point, a climber...

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Getting it wrong: Signs to students at DePauw University reading, “YOU DESERVE HELL!” Getting it right: “Judge not, lest you be judged.” Buzzfeed.com reported that a group of young Christians representing The Campus Ministry USA arrived at DePauw University in...

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Religion is Nothing More Than a Distraction

By: Keith Sampson   Lately, the threat of terror has risen back to the top of conversations and thoughts. Paris and more recently San Bernardino have brought these concerns to our country, to our cities…   Following these attacks, I have read posts,...

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It’s Not a Scarlet Letter

By: Keith Sampson I’m assuming many of you grew up knowing there were “things that you just don’t do”—things that, depending on your upbringing, would change the way people look at you. Because of (fill-in-the-blank) you are viewed differently; you are judged.  ...

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Keith Sampson – It’s My Life – Part 5

By: Keith Sampson Executive Coordinator – God of Hope   “I can fix it...” 

Not only am I like most guys who think the answer to things is to either fix it or find a way to fix it, but I would self-proclaim that this is wired into me in an abnormal way. I don’t...

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